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Festival IgroMarathon St. Petersburg

The festival is a great, joyful and spiritual event!

Certified and certified masters conducted the Lila-Chakra and the Kryon Code games:
Vasily Yalovega: Lila-Chakra
Olga Hon: Kryon Code
Litvinova Katerina: Lila-Chakra
Kozhevnikova Julia: Lila-Chakra
Gaponenko Evgenia: Lila-Chakra, Kryon Code
Orlova Nadezhda: Lila-Chakra

Litvinova Katerina: Lila Chakra

The game was held under the motto “Think over a detailed plan for the realization of your goal together with the game Lila-Chakra!

That’s probably why there were only men in this game!
What was on our game:
1.Detailed business plan;
2. List of specific actions that will help implement the business;
3. List of warnings that may interfere with the implementation of the plan.

This game was the most logical, clear and constructive of all the games that I ever play! Therefore, if you have a business idea, but you do not know how to implement it, refer to the game Lila-Chakra!

Wonderful accomplishments and more confidence for you! Where will your subconscious lead? Who knows…
Olga Hon: Kryon Code.

8 people played the game. During most part of the game, the participants said that they did not understand anything.
But by the end of the game, nobody had any questions. Everyone realized something and had very important insight. One of the participants even reached their goal.

Kozhevnikova (Vorotilina) Yulia: Leela Chakra

Julia was so inspired by the performance that she composed a poem about the last game (for the first time in her life).


Gaponenko (Ageeva) Evgenia: Lila Chakra, Kryon Code.

Orlova Nadezhda: Lila-Chakra
I thank the organizers for the wonderful event. I was at the IgroMarathon for the first time, both as a player and as a master of the game Lila Chakra. The environment was friendly, the people who came to the game were determined to work, to work internally, so the game was easy and pleasant. Thank!

Vasily Yalovega (organizer of the festival) played the game Lila Chakra.

Be happy in life and in wonderful games in St. Petersburg!


Lila Chakra on the large field

All the answers are in us! And only the person himself can give the most correct answer to the question that has arisen. The game is a tool that helps build a link between the conscious and subconscious.
A lot of insights were here!

For one of the players, it turned out to be very important to preserve their borders, their personal territory. Respecting oneself, preserving one’s integrity, one can gain respect from others. Tears and laughter, disappointment and joy were in this game.

Many discoveries and realizations!
The result of the game is wonderful: the fields Fulfillment of desires, Progress, Breakthrough became a wonderful completion of the game!

Lukina Tatiana – organizer of the Festival “Mind Games”
(тел. +7-927-695-75-85)