Game Leela Chakra at the TAVALE festival, Ukraine

I performed with Leela Chakra at Tavala. Finally, large-scale festivals of psychology are beginning to recover after a long lull and quarantines. On these May holidays, I performed a game that has been serving me faithfully for more than 7 years – Lila Chakra!

It all started with her, through this game I got acquainted with the whole world of transformational games. I remember wondering then, for the first time, how a simple board game can show everything so deeply. It felt as if I had been given a full-fledged Helenger arrangement.

And how many new transformational games have appeared in my life since then, and the Leela-Chakra still remains an excellent base, foundation and an excellent tool that provides answers to simple and complex questions.

Leela-Chakra is like a handbook for me: a question appeared – I asked it to the game, threw a dice several times, and … got an answer!

Vasily Yalovega:
Practical psychologist, trainer, systemic planner, game practitioner, organizer of festivals, and training coach of the games “Lila-Chakra” and “Code of Kryon”.