The Crimean journey of Lila Chakra and Code Kryon

7 people played Code Kryon game on the first day of the festival.

There were laughter and tears, and surprise, and even some misunderstanding. But the game gave the participants important revelations and insights. One player in the final had a magical materialization of the “three-headed dragon”.

On the second day, Lila Chakra met 9 participants at her table (the rest simply did not fit at the table).

For every person, Lila went her own way. Everybody took as much as they could for themselves.
Everyone manifested in the game as in life. And everybody was able to look at himself.
It is a great honor for me to be a guide to the world of transformational games.
I am happy that I have the skill of playing the great games of the author Evgeny V. Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).
I thank the owner of the festival for the invitation.
Thanks to everyone who trusted and came to my table as a player.
Special thanks to those participants who left feedback.
Play esoteric chess and you will be healthy, youth, and success!