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A game that can rejuvenate you?

A game that can rejuvenate you? At first sight, the idea might look freaky. Our age is related to the state of the body. Though there is more important criteria such as state of mind.

Our physical body follows consciousness just like a leashed dog follows its master. Thus, positive transformations in the state of mind or consciousness will most probably cause rejuvenation in the body as well.

According to The Bible, Man is to live up to 120 years.

To assess a natural human lifespan, scientists compare it to the lifespan of animals. Normally, the ratio of growth period of animals to their lifespan is 5 to 8. Human beings, whose growth period lasts for 20 years, can live 5-7 times longer, as the examples of long-lived people suggest. On the basis of these observations, Albrecht Von Haller (1708–1777), a prominent Swiss physician and anatomist, assumed that human beings can live up to 200 years. According to outstanding Russian scientists Oleksandr Bogomoletz and Ivan Shmalgauzen, this period is 120 to 150 years. Ilya Mechnikov, a Nobel prize winner, also considered a lifespan of 150 years feasible.

Having taken into consideration that the vast majority of animal species live approximately 10 times longer than the time of their sexual maturation, we can calculate a potential lifespan of humans, whose maturity is achieved at the age of 12-15 years at the earliest.

Ageing is not a fatal property of life, inherent in all living beings. Numerous species show very low signs of aging (“negligible senescence”).

In the late 19th century it was suggested that hydras do not undergo senescence, making it a scientifically disputable question for more than a century. In 1997 Daniel Martinez completed his 4-year study, having proved that hydras undergo morphallaxis, tissue regeneration, which allows the genus to constantly renew its tissue, and, as such, be biologically immortal.

State of the mind proves to be the basic cause of early aging. To illustrate it, try to envisage what you will look like in 20-years time. If you can see a clear picture, point out what has changed in your looks. Hardly anybody perceives themselves as remaining the same or rejuvenated in the course of the time. Normally, people imagine themselves aged, which is a vivid illustration of the deeply-rooted subconscious conviction that time causes physical decline. It has been scientifically proved that can our intentions govern not only the state of the body and organs, but also individual cells and even our genetic code are subject to this influence. The ‘mind over matter’ attitude makes it possible to walk on hot coals barefoot and not get burned. Permanent inner convictions are so powerful, that they can transform us entirely.

Our body is said to regenerate itself every 7 years.

The cells are constantly replacing themselves, influenced by the idea that senescence is inevitable, thus anticipating and accelerating the aging process. That is how our lives tend to become two times shorter, just because we fail to govern our consciousness and the subconscious properly.

Let’s push the limits of imagination to picture ourselves absolutely positively confident that day by day our body rejuvenates. What would be the physical effect of this strong conviction?

The Leela Chakra game provides a mental drive that networks your brain, not only giving you cognition and memory – fluidity, versatility, and adaptability, but also inducing a powerful process of rejuvenation in the whole body.