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Escaping the matrix of stereotypes

Is it really possible to escape the matrix of stereotypes? Question:’ You often mention “ escaping the matrix of stereotypes” . Is it really possible?’

Such questions are frequently asked by advanced participants. I am aware of the prevalent idea that it is not humanly possible to escape the matrix of stereotypes by means of mental effort.

It is scientifically proven that we perceive the reality through the eyes of our limited experience. As we make sense of the world around us, our minds often take shortcuts, generalizing, cutting corners, making connections and engaging in inferences as they integrate all of the incoming information into a cohesive whole. That process of initial, nearly instantaneous judgment is often driven by stereotypes, our own as well as those of our society as a whole and our immediate circle in particular. Moreover, linguistic categories of the language we speak limit and determine cognitive categories, thus affecting the ways in which we conceptualize the world, restricting our world view and other cognitive processes. You can’t escape the system, if you are its element. It’s like pulling yourself up out of a swamp by your bootstraps!

I totally agree with this viewpoint. To lift yourself out from a swamp, you must lean against some solid matter or grab an object from the outside, like a branch of a tree from the dry land. Metaphorically speaking, our Supreme Self, which is non-stereotypical and able to perceive the Truth, can be considered such a reliable branch from outside the matrix.

You can extricate yourself from the closed system by playing the Leela Chakra game with your subconsciousness. Esoteric games give you a chance to get through to the Absolute without entering an altered state of consciousness .

That is what attracted the prominent minds of India to the Leela game and made the outstanding thinkers of the ancient China cast the coins to make up a hexagram. It is not for nothing that the token hits the same squares repeatedly, drawing attention to the problematic , sometimes diametrically opposed, issues. Seeking out the truth means contemplating and accepting other viewpoints, thus becoming more open to the nature of things and getting rid of the stereotypes. The subconscious takes you rounds along the same squares and chakras of the karmic circles, evoking strong emotional response and informing you of a truth that you don’t want to acknowledge. Emotions are a powerful attention directing system—an amplification device- responsible for creating feelings, that in turn are transformed into thoughts and the formation of new beliefs that free you from the tenets of stereotypes. Beyond any doubt, escaping the stereotypes matrix is a really deep insight enabling you to connect with your true self, and thereby with the Absolute.

The next step toward freedom is to play The Kryon Code game, where logical reasoning is dismissed altogether, leaving room for the irrationality of a profoundly absurd dialogue with the Supreme Self. It’s more like a lucid dream that makes sense only for the dreamer.

The karmic circles in The Kryon Code game activate emotional responses in the player,

who becomes derailed from the old path and instead focused on a new, more objective view of things. As this broader and more accurate knowledge gets rooted in the subconscious, the stereotypical perception of life would be obliged to change. When our vital emotions and feelings withdraw their support for the old opinions, and begin to support the new picture of the world, the restricting tenets and attitudes would be fully cancelled.

To break free from the matrix of stereotypes, we need to connect to the Absolute in order to get guided and informed as we navigate the present and prepare for the future. The Lila Chakra and The Kryon Code games are of great help in this process.

Why should we escape from the matrix of stereotypes, if it’s our natural way of perceiving and processing information?

Stereotypes provide an unconscious lens through which we view our world. Sometimes this picture seems clear and accurate, but most of the times the effects of stereotyping the world are seen as distorting the reality badly.

In general, the situation looks shocking. What is considered true in today’s world, instead provides overestimated ,oversimplified and over generalized descriptions of reality. Were all these currently-held ideas one day exchanged for a diametrically opposed viewpoints, the picture of the world would bear the same little relation to the truth of things. Humans wildly adhere to their adaptive as well as maladaptive stereotypes, and refuse to review them even if they face conflicting evidence every day. I will not now go into numerous particular facts. But in general, the power and scope of human thought and consciousness are significantly underestimated in all the aspects of our life, ranging from medicine to any huge project. If we change our scale and perspective, we will see something entirely different and promising.

While a stereotype assists with organization, processing and use of the stored information, it has the unwanted side effect of limiting our ability to progress, accept and integrate new information.