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How is the progression of the token on the board associated with the realities of life?

Synchronicity, according to Carl Gustav Jung, is an experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated, which breaks the probability theory, and happens when there is a thought enhanced by the energy of an emotion. That is why the game of Lila Chakra fully depends on the inner attitude. If a player identifies with his token and is totally involved in the process, the coincidence will be striking.

If a player sees the game as a random play of chance, doesn’t take it personally and stays calm, unconcerned and indifferent to outer distractors, then his life journey will still be reflected well.

If instead of the game, the player is concentrated on irrelevant problems and doesn’t identify with the token, the correlation between the game and his life realities will be seriously disrupted.

For the results of the game to be dependable, identification with the token is critical. As long as attention is not focused on the token, the course of its movement is subject to dozens of random forces, including thoughts of the player, other players or even non-players. The movement of the token becomes ‘bumpy’, just like it happens in real life when a clear fixed intention is not there. Though, sometimes the dice are rolled when nobody cares , giving a valid picture of the player’s inner state and the trajectory of his destiny on the game board of life. This is the power of thought that generates ‘synchronicity’, i. e. the link between seemingly unrelated facts: the movements of your token on the board of Lila Chakra and your destiny.