Festival Gaura-Jai

The second festival of transformational, psychological and business games Gaura-Jai (Golden victory). March 30, 2019. Bashkortostan, Sterlitamak.

No free places at the gaming tables! Happy players and equally happy game masters))). Two Leela Chakra games and one Kryon Code game took place here. A lot of positive, joy, awareness, impressions. The festival was very powerful! In the games, not only the players but also the game masters had incredible insights and awareness!

The organizer of the Gaura-Jai festival Oksana Gordeeva, certification master of the Lila Chakra and Kryon Code played Kryon Code game.

Game Kryon Code in Sterlitamak. There were more people than places at the table. Very powerful transformation! Insights followed each other, opening up new opportunities and solutions for players. The dynamics of the group helped each participant to break their stereotypes and expand the boundaries of the possible!

Oksana Gordeeva: “When I see a response in the eyes of players and a keen interest in Cod Kryon magic, I have a lot of feelings and emotions! And together we have the real transformation dance on the field of Esoteric Chess.”
Thanks to the participants. I wish you the fulfillment of your desires, happiness, and love!

Certified master of the game Yulia Glushkova played the “Lila Chakra” at the festival “Gaura-Jai.”

“For me personally, Lila-Chakra showed itself from an incredible side, I saw so much new and realized it for myself. Surprisingly, it’s not you play in this game, but Lila Chakra plays with you, as the person with whom you can build relationships))).
Many thanks to the organizer Oksana Gordeeva for the opportunity to communicate and meet interesting people, for the opportunity to learn and learn from the game experience. Many thanks to E. V. Kitanin for the amazing games “Lila-Chakra” and “Kryon Code”. Each time the games discover new facets and incredible possibilities for us. ”

Certified master of the game Lilia Musina played another game “Lila Chakra” at the festival.

“The festival is a beautiful, emotional, enjoyable event!
I was there with the t-game Leela Chakra.
For me, this game is work with beliefs, and breaking stereotypes!
For me, this is about how to go the other way!
This is a game about me and where I am in this world!
And I also noticed that the festival has special energy – on that day I get a lot of awareness about myself… ”