*GOOGLE ANALYTICS *GOOGLE ANALYTICS Standard set - "Lila chakra" - game of spiritual development

Standard set

Game «Lila chakra».

The game is packed in a bamboo case (size 235 x 190 x 34 mm). The inscriptions and images of the chakras are made by laser engraving. The total weight of the game is 700 g.

Lila chakra box


Completion Lila chackra

  1. The game board (size 420 x 340 mm) is made up of four thick cardboard sheets. The structure of the field resembles a chessboard.
board Lila chakra
Board of the game.

2. 65 cards with a picture, a figurative metaphor and positions for awareness. All cards are painted in the color of the corresponding chakra, which allows you to quickly find the right card during the game.

This is the example of face and reverse sides of the cards.

Card Lila chakra     Card Lila chakra

3. The book (128 pages) with a detailed description of the rules, an example of the game and analysis of the result of the game.

Lila chakra book

4.  Eight cards “Disappointment”.




5. Five forms for recording the symbol trajectory and the selected positions for awareness.

Blank Lila Chakra

6. A dice and three natural crystals.

Dice Lila chakra


Price for the game “LILA CHAKRA” in English.

If you want to buy it, please, write to evk200@gmail.com.