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The Karma Circles

How can the game alter your destiny?

For the transformations to be intense and reach the very core, people have to either commit themselves to purposeful self-cultivation, or undergo serious life shattering experiences.

Prosperity, success and other attributes of well-being seem unlikely to encourage search and transformation, as spirituality and awareness tend to grow rather in times of tragedies and disasters through catharsis and purification. Lila Chakra provides an alternative way of transformation, through self-awareness and self-reflection, serving exactly the purpose for which the Lila game was designed centuries ago in the ancient India.

When playing the game of life, hardly anyone has direct connection to the Cosmos, the Supreme Mind, thus our innermost questions are rarely replied in a clear-cut understandable way. Whenever we are in need for spiritual guidance, assistance and advice reach us through signs, life changes or meaningful coincidences, that’s the unbreakable law of synchronicity. The microcosm of a player’s individual vibration and the macrocosm of the Universe meet on the game board of the Lila Chakra game, to let the macrocosm talk in a more specific way of the space descriptions. The generalized information on the spaces is arranged in a way that embraces the whole set of life experiences, accelerating and enhancing your spiritual development.

Isn’t it a hyperbole to say that a game, being but information, can transform your inner self, alter your destiny, remove your physical and emotional blocks ? Isn’t it like healing a disease by just naming medicine instead of taking it?

Shaped by the thoughts, or vibrations, destiny is subject to alteration. Adjusting our attitudes to life, we cause a serious vibration change that results in the new paths of the altered destiny. This can be done either by a short deep insight into the problem, or in the course of a slow process, lasting for several life times.

Though intangible, thought and information are fundamental drivers of the world. For example, the low concentration of homeopathic remedies, which often don’t even contain a single molecule of the diluted substance, is pure information left in the water in the form of vibrations. The lower the dose of an active ingredient, the stronger its effect. Being 100 % information, the Lila Chakra game can have a really strong positive effect.

Our life is a game, where we totally identify with the token, e. i. our body. The experience of synchronicity (in particular, breaking the probability theory) while playing the Lila Chakra game assures that the token on the board and the realities of our life coincide in case we build a mental connection between them.
Repeated landing on the same spaces of the board aims to recreate in miniature the soul’s journey through life, where the player goes in cycles of his karma problems. It is such a space, providing a context to the inner problem, which gives a key to altering your destiny and unblocking your life path. Therefore, you should not only pay maximum attention to the space description, but also consult esoteric literature and the canonical texts of the I Ching if you need a more profound understanding of the issue. Such spaces manifest the questions of your personal prime concern. To study it in a deeper way, you should better turn from the name and description of the hexagram to the initial vibrations made up by the elements interaction on the given space (see also Source 3 – I Ching ).

The game draws your attention to the spaces of vital importance, thus providing the key to your destiny.

Pictures, metaphorical descriptions and controversial points for analysis are especially designed to help you immerse into the vibrations of the space.
The extreme positions represent polarities and challenge players to make their own choices and, which is even better, word their own attitudes toward the questions under consideration. By doing this, the player becomes consciously aware of his thoughts; the key issues of his life are perceived and reviewed, triggering transformations in the player’s destiny.

Taking the key means waking up to recognize the key aspects of your life.
What crosses your mind first when you look at the space, tends to give the best glimpse of your current situation. Make sure that you take a note of this opinion on a special pre-printed form. Altering your attitude to this question will cause a change in your game destiny, that’s why it is crucial to keep record of it.

The fact of changing your attitude –having an attitude adjustment –can transform your life.
Your decision to think and act differently is a powerful tool capable of generating change in your destiny on the game board of life.

Use it, to find a shorter and more effective way toward harmonious connection with the Supreme.