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First Festival of T-games for teenagers Ikigai.Kids in Nalchik, 07/16/2023

In the first line of T-games, I Oksana Ostapova (Rostov-on-Don) together with Zalina Tatrova (Vladikavkaz) and Yulia Ovdienko (Nalchik) conducted the transformation game “Field of Changes”. There were 16 people at our table (age 14+). The game “Field of Changes” is a simplified version of the game “Lila Chakra” for children and teenagers.

It was Wow! Interesting, powerful, useful, large-scale, exciting!

There were 16 people at our table (age 14+) who, at the end of the process, said they liked it!
And they noted that it was unusual and surprising, because it seemed like it was just a game,
but it resembles “a trip to a psychologist”, where you can find answers to an exciting question.

At this point, I would like to note that the depth of the dialogue with each participant depends on the professionalism of the Master-Leader.
We had more than enough of this resource!
And of course, an important ingredient of the process is the desire of the participant himself to immerse himself in this process.

The game “Field of Changes” is an adult T-game adapted for teenagers #lilachakra
This is an excellent tool for diagnosing the psycho-emotional state of a teenager.
Searching for Resources and integrating them into your field of life.


At the table, the magic of the group also did its job. Those who are in the know understand)) And those who are not yet, urgently come and try it yourself.
Invite your young prodigies to our next Ikigai Festivals for teenagers.

At the table we ended up with three groups, within a group. It was very interesting to watch this.

It was not easy for me to remember various beautiful, and unusual for me to pronounce, names… but!
Improvisation…. and we all quickly got to know each other!

Thank you to all participants for choosing our table! For openness in the process, for interest and personal stories!

I thank myself for my willingness to go into new experiences!

I thank Zalina and Yulia for the joint process! I thank the “Ikigai Festival. Kids” for the invitation.

I thank the Author Evgeniy Kitanin for creating such a cool tool for working with children and teenagers.

By the way, the game #fieldofchange is now available in both Vladikavkaz and Nalchik 🎲

Parents, we invite your teenagers to full-format sessions in group and individual formats.

Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”
Oksana Ostapova tel. +7-928-144-44-77

First Festival of T-games “Ikigai”, Vladikavkaz

The festival began on April 9, 2023. Second day, 1st line: I played a powerful, favorite T-game “LILA CHAKRA”.
Five charming participants gathered at my table! Our game was great, bright, and emotionally rich! And laughter, and tears and important realizations… The participants happily accepted the tips from the game…


Someone came because they liked the description, someone came after hearing my speech before the game, someone because they liked my energy and charisma. Someone noticed a transformation in their condition, with noticeable changes on their face and body, behind day after interacting with me on the first day of the festival – and this was an argument for coming to my table on the second day! And this is especially pleasant for me! 🥰

Thank you for your trust! Thank you for accepting the energy of light and love to transform your body into the field of life, in the maximum possible quantity at this point in time! At such moments, I realize that I am going to festivals in different cities precisely in order to come into contact with the light of my heart with everyone who is looking for answers, and am ready to make “their quantum leap.” For me, participation in festivals is “service”! 💚

Lila chakra is realistic, simple, deep and magical at the same time. Many in the process are “chasing” the desire to reach the exit from the game… “tick the box” ✅ – so that the inner achiever is satisfied… “I played, I got there, I’m great!”

But in my opinion, it is much more important to realize the path itself! Noticing your thoughts, sensations, desires… compressions, limitations, impossibilities… in the process Watching yourself sitting on a chair, it would seem, what’s wrong with that!? 🤔…lives – a million states per minute 🚀 But we are just talking, everyone reads, writes, listens to something…
But after just 2 hours… something changes inside….

What if you were present at every moment of your life? Have you tried it?

It is not the number of steps taken across the playing field that is important… but the quality of presence in every moment!

Result: we had a great game, bright, emotionally rich! Laughter, tears and important realizations… The participants happily accepted the tips from the game🎲

I thank all participants for frank conversations, for emotions and trust. I wish everyone the best possible implementation of their plans 🎯

I thank the festival organizers for the invitation! And every time I thank the Author Evgeniy Kitanin for creating this masterpiece!

Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”
Oksana Ostapova tel. +7-928-144-44-77

MEETING OF LEADING t-games Lila Chakra and Kryon Code in the cities of Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Oksana Gordeeva. The gathering of Masters and Leaders took place as part of my “LILA CHAKRA TOUR” (November 6-28, 2021) in the cities of Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg. In such an amazing way, in one month, the hosts of the games Lila Chakra and Code of Kryon met and became friends in several cities.

It was an urgent need to meet in person those who work with people through the game Lila Chakra. Living and working in different cities, we have a common theme – Game practice. And since I train Presenters online, of course I really wanted to meet everyone, get to know each one better, discuss current professional topics, and inspire each other for further development. And we did it!

The gathering of Masters and Leaders took place as part of my “LILA CHAKRA TOUR” (November 6-28, 2021)
The first meeting took place in Krasnodar. We gathered in the cozy cafe “Tea History”, where real rituals of the Chinese tea ceremony take place.

And how glad we were to see each other! At a traditional oriental table with low legs, covered with delicious dishes, we drank exquisite varieties of tea and chatted in a friendly manner. And we didn’t want to leave at all.

So we sat in the teahouse for 3 hours. And then there was group certification. And that day in Krasnodar there were three more Masters of the game Lila Chakra. The rally took place on the eve of the birthday of the author of the game and we even managed to record a short video congratulation for Evgeniy Vyacheslavovich!

This is another photo with two masters at the festival in Krasnodar (the day after the rally).

In Moscow, the Game Practitioners and I met at the famous vegetarian cafe “Jagannath” in the very center, so that everyone would be comfortable.

We were very pleased with the meeting and live communication.

Even the Presenter from Stavropol was able to come to the Meeting!

In St. Petersburg, the Meeting of Presenters coincided with my birthday. But, unfortunately, of all those who wanted to meet, only one Presenter was able to come. And we still felt joyful and warm from friendly communication.

In this amazing way, in one month, the Leading Lila Chakras met and became friends in several cities. And it was an important event for all of us. After all, some lacked the confidence to actively play the game, while others were close to professional burnout. And, of course, we all valued the support of like-minded colleagues and the opportunity for new fruitful cooperation. And in the end, everyone was glad to make new acquaintances and happy from the feeling of being part of an important and useful cause – helping people (and themselves) improve the quality of life through the t-game Lila Chakra and the Kryon Code.

Addresses of participants’ Instagram pages:
@olga.protasova79 @baydinasv_biz @coach_svetlana.koluseva @prikhodko_e @yulia_lobanova_psy @angelinagulai

@katrina.firsova @sveta_melnik_psyholog @sirotkina_lubov @elizavetts_lizaveta

Saint Petersburg

I am Oksana Gordeeva tel. 8-960-387-76-17
Organizer of the Gaura-Jai Festival,
Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”

With Love to you and see you again!

Your own holiday festival Happy women with Oksana Ostapova

16 amazing participants! Completely different stories…but it created a powerful unified field at our holiday gaming table. It was both funny and sad, fast and slow… to each their own, just like in life! We left late…

This was my most massively fun #lilachakra game of 2021! 

It was the birthday of the charming @nataliiabobchuk with the wonderful address @villa_euforia
I thank the Universe for this gift for me! 

Our gaming history with the birthday girl began a long time ago… But the main thing is that there is a memory that is filled with emotions. That’s what happened this time too.

The space @villa_euforia also has its own story, while I lived in this area and drove past… I was always interested in “what is behind these gates, and how it is arranged in this huge house”… and as soon as I moved and stopped these thoughts to think, so the Universe through @nataliiabobchuk brought me there! I was very surprised when I came to hold the game right in this very house!!! Wow! I said as I drove up! And this is just a classic example of desires coming true… want it badly… and let it go))) True, I let go, or rather, I forgot because I stopped driving past only after moving)))

Well, the game, like the icing on the cake, turned out to be simply awesome, in my opinion. The festive “light format” turned out to be a very cool turn of events in the process
16 amazing participants! Completely different stories…but it created a powerful unified field at our holiday gaming table.

The game was dynamic and very emotionally rich!

For some, it was enough to get acquainted with the world of Transformation Games, but for others, they got “fairy dust” from me… It all depends on the person’s internal readiness.

It was both funny and sad, fast and slow… to each their own, just like in life!
We left late… since we started in the evening… but for so many people, I’ll say we did a great job! And the format we had as planned was festive

I thank all participants for their stories, and openness in the process. I wish realization to those who have not yet experienced it!

Thank you @nataliiabobchuk for the invitation
Thank you @villa_euforia for the hospitality, and the realization of my desire to see what’s inside)) and for everything that happened and is after the game.
I’m glad to meet @ in person, after all, we wanted to meet him, but here the space collided directly “nose to nose”
I’m glad that @sisterova_makeup turned out to be the one, and manifested itself in my life in such a way, according to my internal request.
I’m glad that @fomina_photo is also my little man and our contact is a separate magic and transformation in both directions)) and she introduced me to the charming @dr.kharada and it was actually a game Space. I’ll definitely tell you about that too.

In the meantime, I GIVE THANK YOU to all participants of the game #LilaChakra Author Evgeniy and see you at the gaming table

Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”
Oksana Ostapova tel. +7-928-144-44-77

Lila Chakra tour at three festivals in Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Tour “Lila Chakra”. I decided to dedicate the final of autumn 2021 to the live format of the t-game Lila Chakra and went on a trip for three weeks. I conducted the game at three Festivals of psychological and business games in the central cities of Russia.

Krasnodar (14.11) This city has become a part of my life.

Here I actively developed Game Practice, organized my first festivals of t-games “Gaura-Jai” (Golden Victory), and made friends with interesting and like-minded people. Therefore, it was with great joy that I participated in the cozy festival “Gift of Play”.

Lila Chakra on November 14 was played in a particularly inspired way. Perhaps because it was the birthday of the author of the game… The participants shared that the results of the transformation process exceeded all expectations.

Moscow (21.11) Oh, this city in 2018 showed me the seriousness of the profession of Game Practitioner. At the “Big Game” festival, for the first time I saw practicing psychologists and coaches in the role of T-Game Leaders.

This gave me confidence and inspiration to develop on my Path. And here I am again. The scale of the festival corresponds to the status of the city.

The energy of the event is charged with brightness, responsibility, and the desire to develop oneself and transform the whole world.

This is exactly the mood the players felt at the Lila Chakra game table. Each, based on the most important insights, drew up a real plan for transforming their lives.

St. Petersburg (11/27) Even at a small festival, when there are not many participants, the table with the game Lila Chakra is never empty.

Therefore, at the Renaissance festival I had someone to play the game. The participants were happy and grateful that through Leela Chakra they learned about themselves even more and realized solutions to their pressing problems.

A new generation of gaming practitioners at the festival in St. Petersburg.

When I returned home, I myself was a little different. After all, traveling always helps us discover new facets of ourselves. I celebrated my 45th birthday on the “Lila Chakra” tour. And it was symbolic. Since 2015, Leela Chakra has been a part of my life. And we celebrated the approaching seven-year mark with a wonderful trip.

Organizer of the Gaura-Jai Festival,
Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”
Oksana Gordeeva tel. +7-960-387-76-17


Certifying master Oksana Ostapova conducted the game “Lila Chakra” for the festival about life and mental balance “On the Path”.
There were more people willing to play than there were seats at the gaming table… The magic of the game happened!
It was spring! 🌱 04/18/2021 The story of the festival is very interesting for me… My transformation began at the announcement stage)) Here I just want to tell everyone who reads and is interested in transformation games that T-games #LilaChakra and #Lila are DIFFERENT games, and the Authors are DIFFERENT people! 😎

So, this long-awaited day “X” has arrived💃 My audience greeted me at the end of the course on #neurography)). It was such a bold SIGN for me… considering that I entered the #Institute of Psychology of Creativity to major in #neurography instructor2021 #aesthetic coach. I smiled! 😊

There were 12 charming participants gathered at my table 🎲 I was very pleased to find out that someone came just to play with me ❤️ Those who were late for the start had to be turned away for lack of a place at the table… But one participant still surprised her persistence)) Showing her strategies “I came, I saw, I took”)) And I will say this, it was she who made our game very fun! 🔥 Thank you Marin for your openness and your story. Later she said that she herself conducts the games #lilachakra #codekrayon, and came to see how experienced Masters do it 🤩 Thank you!
Our game was dynamic, informative and each participant got into their own story. The magic of the game happened ✅

I thank all participants for their trust, and I wish everyone the best implementation of their requests 🎯 (in case everything is still in progress)

I thank the organizers @po.puti_fest for the invitation 🤝

IV International Festival of Transformational, Psychological Games World of T-Games, Rostov-on-Don

At the World of T-Games festival (June 5, 2021), 4 games by the author Evgeny Kitanin were presented: “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”, “Angel Chess”, “Field of Changes” (for children).

The festival was the fourth in a row and took place in the chic center of Rostov-on-Don.
10 tables (one of which is for children, and this was appreciated by all the parents who were with their children)
25 masters, 5 of them authors of their games.
 games of various themes
over 100 participants!

The game “Lila Chakra” at the festival was conducted by a certified master Nikita Kazakov (+7-951-515-25-95 (WhatsApp, Viber)) 

The table is full. No free places. Many played for the first time and wanted to continue contacts with the master after the game…

A very experienced certified master of the games “Lila Chakra” and “Code of Kryon” Eva Vilacheva (tel. +79064286506) conducted an incredible game of “Code of Kryon”. Full house. Rave reviews: “I was immersed in a fairy tale…”

Certified master of the game “Angel Chess” Rita Trapnauskaite played this game.

Full house, no empty seats. The game “Angel Chess” is like nothing else! The game this time was very emotionally intense. Rita is a very experienced master, she helped the participants cope with a storm of emotions about Karma and the manifestation of Love.

Trapnauskaite Rita (t. +7 9185533452)

Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”, “Angel Chess” Oksana Ostapova conducted
at the festival the game “Field of Changes” (a simplified version of the game “Lila Chakra”).

Thanks to children and parents!

Ostapova Oksana (t. +7-928-144-44-77)

The festival was wonderfully organized and took place in a wonderful location!

It was cool, exciting, magical!

Special thanks to the organizer Svetlana Nagdalyan!Нагдалян!

Wheel of Fortune Festival, Ufa, May 23, 2021

On May 23, 2021, there was a festival of transformation games “Wheel of Fortune” in Ufa.
I was once again convinced that the game “Lila Chakra” has no equal! Two lines passed in one breath…

Despite the fact that it was a demo version and 2 hours for 8 people is not enough, everyone received awareness! Moreover, this is awareness at the level of the root cause of what is happening, which is very valuable! There were tears, there was joy and definitely there was transformation…

 Every time I am amazed at the depth of this game!

I thank the Universe for the fact that I can be involved in bringing this miracle of transformation to people. I thank Evgeniy Kitanin for creating this powerful healing tool!

Certifying master of the game “Lila Chakra” Stepanchenko Elena (t.: +79631441998) Ufa

Game Leela Chakra at the TAVALE festival, Ukraine

I performed with Leela Chakra at Tavala. Finally, large-scale festivals of psychology are beginning to recover after a long lull and quarantines. On these May holidays, I performed a game that has been serving me faithfully for more than 7 years – Lila Chakra!

It all started with her, through this game I got acquainted with the whole world of transformational games. I remember wondering then, for the first time, how a simple board game can show everything so deeply. It felt as if I had been given a full-fledged Helenger arrangement.

And how many new transformational games have appeared in my life since then, and the Leela-Chakra still remains an excellent base, foundation and an excellent tool that provides answers to simple and complex questions.

Leela-Chakra is like a handbook for me: a question appeared – I asked it to the game, threw a dice several times, and … got an answer!

Vasily Yalovega:
Practical psychologist, trainer, systemic planner, game practitioner, organizer of festivals, and training coach of the games “Lila-Chakra” and “Code of Kryon”.

Lila Chakra in Kiev

Good day, dear friends !!!

This Saturday, the Festival of Transformation Games “Letuchiy Korabl” was held in Kiev, where the games “CODE KRYON” and “LILA CHAKRA” were presented

I still really love the game “Kryon Code” but it was “Lila Chakra” that I represented at this festival! Because it is very pleasant when your students play the game with high quality and interesting. When a student surpasses his teacher, it is always doubly pleasant! For me “Leela Chakra” is a game that is both very easy and very informative, it is not surprising that very often this game becomes the first transformational game that clients learn.

It was very pleasant that out of 12 people players (with a table limit of up to 8 – everyone wanted to play exactly in Lila Chakra and actively brought chairs from neighboring tables). There were three masters of other games, from parallel lines. For me this is always an indicator, this means that the game is really interesting, because after playing games for many years and teaching how to play games, you start to value your time and choose cool games.

In general, as always, the game “Lila Chakra” did not leave anyone indifferent, everyone got their own insight and their own vector of movement, many reached the goal, someone remained on the fulfillment of desires and earthly joys. Some goals were edited and, accordingly, the game immediately “released” to the upper level!

One thing I can say for sure – I have not met any analogues to the games “Kryon Code” and “Lila Chakra”, they cannot be deceived – they in an unthinkable way feel exactly the state of a person, inner agreement or disagreement with the flow of events. When a person is sincerely ready to step to a new level, it takes off quickly and easily and if you need work on errors, it will be returned to the beginning again and again!

I would like to thank the author of these wonderful games, Evgeny Kitanin, for creating masterpieces that have been pleasing game technicians for a decade as a cool and effective tool and helping hundreds and thousands of people look at the problem from different angles and solve their requests quickly, efficiently and efficiently!

Therefore, if you are still thinking whether you want to become the host of the games “Leela Chakra” and “Kryon Code” – I definitely advise you to learn and conduct the games! This is an incomparable feeling – when you can help people, when what you do is important and necessary! And it is also really helping people! It really inspires!

The Certifying Master of the Lila Chakra and Code of Kryon Games

Romashova Victoria (tel. +38 067 967 23 44)
Kiev City