Lila Chakra tour at three festivals in Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Tour “Lila Chakra”. I decided to dedicate the final of autumn 2021 to the live format of the t-game Lila Chakra and went on a trip for three weeks. I conducted the game at three Festivals of psychological and business games in the central cities of Russia.

Krasnodar (14.11) This city has become a part of my life.

Here I actively developed Game Practice, organized my first festivals of t-games “Gaura-Jai” (Golden Victory), and made friends with interesting and like-minded people. Therefore, it was with great joy that I participated in the cozy festival “Gift of Play”.

Lila Chakra on November 14 was played in a particularly inspired way. Perhaps because it was the birthday of the author of the game… The participants shared that the results of the transformation process exceeded all expectations.

Moscow (21.11) Oh, this city in 2018 showed me the seriousness of the profession of Game Practitioner. At the “Big Game” festival, for the first time I saw practicing psychologists and coaches in the role of T-Game Leaders.

This gave me confidence and inspiration to develop on my Path. And here I am again. The scale of the festival corresponds to the status of the city.

The energy of the event is charged with brightness, responsibility, and the desire to develop oneself and transform the whole world.

This is exactly the mood the players felt at the Lila Chakra game table. Each, based on the most important insights, drew up a real plan for transforming their lives.

St. Petersburg (11/27) Even at a small festival, when there are not many participants, the table with the game Lila Chakra is never empty.

Therefore, at the Renaissance festival I had someone to play the game. The participants were happy and grateful that through Leela Chakra they learned about themselves even more and realized solutions to their pressing problems.

A new generation of gaming practitioners at the festival in St. Petersburg.

When I returned home, I myself was a little different. After all, traveling always helps us discover new facets of ourselves. I celebrated my 45th birthday on the “Lila Chakra” tour. And it was symbolic. Since 2015, Leela Chakra has been a part of my life. And we celebrated the approaching seven-year mark with a wonderful trip.

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