Certifying master Oksana Ostapova conducted the game “Lila Chakra” for the festival about life and mental balance “On the Path”.
There were more people willing to play than there were seats at the gaming table… The magic of the game happened!
It was spring! 🌱 04/18/2021 The story of the festival is very interesting for me… My transformation began at the announcement stage)) Here I just want to tell everyone who reads and is interested in transformation games that T-games #LilaChakra and #Lila are DIFFERENT games, and the Authors are DIFFERENT people! 😎

So, this long-awaited day “X” has arrived💃 My audience greeted me at the end of the course on #neurography)). It was such a bold SIGN for me… considering that I entered the #Institute of Psychology of Creativity to major in #neurography instructor2021 #aesthetic coach. I smiled! 😊

There were 12 charming participants gathered at my table 🎲 I was very pleased to find out that someone came just to play with me ❤️ Those who were late for the start had to be turned away for lack of a place at the table… But one participant still surprised her persistence)) Showing her strategies “I came, I saw, I took”)) And I will say this, it was she who made our game very fun! 🔥 Thank you Marin for your openness and your story. Later she said that she herself conducts the games #lilachakra #codekrayon, and came to see how experienced Masters do it 🤩 Thank you!
Our game was dynamic, informative and each participant got into their own story. The magic of the game happened ✅

I thank all participants for their trust, and I wish everyone the best implementation of their requests 🎯 (in case everything is still in progress)

I thank the organizers @po.puti_fest for the invitation 🤝