MEETING OF LEADING t-games Lila Chakra and Kryon Code in the cities of Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Oksana Gordeeva. The gathering of Masters and Leaders took place as part of my “LILA CHAKRA TOUR” (November 6-28, 2021) in the cities of Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg. In such an amazing way, in one month, the hosts of the games Lila Chakra and Code of Kryon met and became friends in several cities.

It was an urgent need to meet in person those who work with people through the game Lila Chakra. Living and working in different cities, we have a common theme – Game practice. And since I train Presenters online, of course I really wanted to meet everyone, get to know each one better, discuss current professional topics, and inspire each other for further development. And we did it!

The gathering of Masters and Leaders took place as part of my “LILA CHAKRA TOUR” (November 6-28, 2021)
The first meeting took place in Krasnodar. We gathered in the cozy cafe “Tea History”, where real rituals of the Chinese tea ceremony take place.

And how glad we were to see each other! At a traditional oriental table with low legs, covered with delicious dishes, we drank exquisite varieties of tea and chatted in a friendly manner. And we didn’t want to leave at all.

So we sat in the teahouse for 3 hours. And then there was group certification. And that day in Krasnodar there were three more Masters of the game Lila Chakra. The rally took place on the eve of the birthday of the author of the game and we even managed to record a short video congratulation for Evgeniy Vyacheslavovich!

This is another photo with two masters at the festival in Krasnodar (the day after the rally).

In Moscow, the Game Practitioners and I met at the famous vegetarian cafe “Jagannath” in the very center, so that everyone would be comfortable.

We were very pleased with the meeting and live communication.

Even the Presenter from Stavropol was able to come to the Meeting!

In St. Petersburg, the Meeting of Presenters coincided with my birthday. But, unfortunately, of all those who wanted to meet, only one Presenter was able to come. And we still felt joyful and warm from friendly communication.

In this amazing way, in one month, the Leading Lila Chakras met and became friends in several cities. And it was an important event for all of us. After all, some lacked the confidence to actively play the game, while others were close to professional burnout. And, of course, we all valued the support of like-minded colleagues and the opportunity for new fruitful cooperation. And in the end, everyone was glad to make new acquaintances and happy from the feeling of being part of an important and useful cause – helping people (and themselves) improve the quality of life through the t-game Lila Chakra and the Kryon Code.

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@olga.protasova79 @baydinasv_biz @coach_svetlana.koluseva @prikhodko_e @yulia_lobanova_psy @angelinagulai

@katrina.firsova @sveta_melnik_psyholog @sirotkina_lubov @elizavetts_lizaveta

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With Love to you and see you again!