First Festival of T-games “Ikigai”, Vladikavkaz

The festival began on April 9, 2023. Second day, 1st line: I played a powerful, favorite T-game “LILA CHAKRA”.
Five charming participants gathered at my table! Our game was great, bright, and emotionally rich! And laughter, and tears and important realizations… The participants happily accepted the tips from the game…


Someone came because they liked the description, someone came after hearing my speech before the game, someone because they liked my energy and charisma. Someone noticed a transformation in their condition, with noticeable changes on their face and body, behind day after interacting with me on the first day of the festival – and this was an argument for coming to my table on the second day! And this is especially pleasant for me! 🥰

Thank you for your trust! Thank you for accepting the energy of light and love to transform your body into the field of life, in the maximum possible quantity at this point in time! At such moments, I realize that I am going to festivals in different cities precisely in order to come into contact with the light of my heart with everyone who is looking for answers, and am ready to make “their quantum leap.” For me, participation in festivals is “service”! 💚

Lila chakra is realistic, simple, deep and magical at the same time. Many in the process are “chasing” the desire to reach the exit from the game… “tick the box” ✅ – so that the inner achiever is satisfied… “I played, I got there, I’m great!”

But in my opinion, it is much more important to realize the path itself! Noticing your thoughts, sensations, desires… compressions, limitations, impossibilities… in the process Watching yourself sitting on a chair, it would seem, what’s wrong with that!? 🤔…lives – a million states per minute 🚀 But we are just talking, everyone reads, writes, listens to something…
But after just 2 hours… something changes inside….

What if you were present at every moment of your life? Have you tried it?

It is not the number of steps taken across the playing field that is important… but the quality of presence in every moment!

Result: we had a great game, bright, emotionally rich! Laughter, tears and important realizations… The participants happily accepted the tips from the game🎲

I thank all participants for frank conversations, for emotions and trust. I wish everyone the best possible implementation of their plans 🎯

I thank the festival organizers for the invitation! And every time I thank the Author Evgeniy Kitanin for creating this masterpiece!

Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”
Oksana Ostapova tel. +7-928-144-44-77