3rd festival of transformational games. Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, September 21, 2019

3rd festival of transformational
games “Gaura Jai”

Liliya Musina. I played the game Leela Chakra.
The game turned out to be very interesting, three players realized their goals.

This is my third time playing the Lila Chakra game at the Transformational Games Festival in Sterlitamak. Each time everything is different.

I myself am able to realize and to experience a lot of emotions. The master also has a big transformation during the game!

Why do I love Lila Chakra?
This is versatility: players with very different requests often sit down at the table and in most cases they find answers.
This is an opportunity to see your life and yourself from the outside.
This is an opportunity to go the other way and even break stereotypes.
This is often a therapeutic effect.

We are all a little children, we all love to play. Serious requests are solved here, but everything is very easy.


Liliya Musina certified master of
the game “Lila Chakra” 


Julia Glushkova. On the street, autumn and heavy rains. We have another third festival of transformation games “Gaura Jai”. It is fun and warm from the attentive organizers and sincere smiles of the festival guests.

Again, my favorite game “Lila Chakra” surprised us, from the first move! There are three players at the table. Еach, having formulated his aim, rolls his die … And everyone gets to the “Conflict” field. As it turned out, the game knows everything about us better than we ourselves)))) After a short conversation, we came to the conclusion that, in fact, each of us is currently in conflict. Who is at work, who is at home, who is with herself. We play further, surprised by this striking example of synchronism. Each player, following his own unique path, enters the fields: “Service”, “Sacrifice”, “Depression”.  Someone not once, someone starting the game anew, but each learns and realizes for himself very important points regarding interaction with other players, since these fields imply collective interaction. Here, the deep features of each conflict are very clearly revealed. It was also very interesting for me to interact with the players. Trying each situation on myself, I found answers to my requests. “Lila Chakra” not in vain brought us together to one table…

The game always works! “Lila Chakra” in an amazing way will show and reveal to you all the corners of your hidden extraordinary soul))))
With Love, Julia Glushkova is your master of the transformation game “Lila Chakra” https://vk.com/club_lila_chakra_108


Evgenia Maximova. Hello my dear girls and boys! At the Gaura Jai festival of transformational games in Sterlitamak, I was lucky to present the Lila Chakra game! This game is magical and very fruitful!

By the last minutes of the game, all participants synchronously reached wonderful fields: 26 “Fulfillment of desires” and 35 “Progress”, despite the fact that the aim of the participants were fundamentally different: from interpersonal relationships to business!

The emotions from insights received in the game can not be described in words! Participants lived on the playing field what they had to go through in real life. This will help them find the path to “Progress” and “Fulfillment of desires” in their life. They will definitely do it! “How?” – you ask. And we will answer you: “Because the following was implemented in the game:
1) clear goal setting,
2) target visualization,
3) deep awareness of the ways to achieve the goal,
4) analysis of their own behavior, thoughts and feelings,
5) assuming responsibility for achieving the goal”.
Projective techniques in a game format work wonders!

Evgenia Maksimova certified master of the game “Lila Chakra”

Be happy!