IV International Festival of Transformational, Psychological Games World of T-Games, Rostov-on-Don

At the World of T-Games festival (June 5, 2021), 4 games by the author Evgeny Kitanin were presented: “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”, “Angel Chess”, “Field of Changes” (for children).

The festival was the fourth in a row and took place in the chic center of Rostov-on-Don.
10 tables (one of which is for children, and this was appreciated by all the parents who were with their children)
25 masters, 5 of them authors of their games.
 games of various themes
over 100 participants!

The game “Lila Chakra” at the festival was conducted by a certified master Nikita Kazakov (+7-951-515-25-95 (WhatsApp, Viber)) https://www.instagram.com/nikita.kazakov.rnd/  
https://vk.com/nikita_kazakov_rnd   https://t.me/Nikita_Kazakov_rnd nikita@nikhealer.ru 

The table is full. No free places. Many played for the first time and wanted to continue contacts with the master after the game…

A very experienced certified master of the games “Lila Chakra” and “Code of Kryon” Eva Vilacheva (tel. +79064286506) conducted an incredible game of “Code of Kryon”. Full house. Rave reviews: “I was immersed in a fairy tale…”

Certified master of the game “Angel Chess” Rita Trapnauskaite played this game.

Full house, no empty seats. The game “Angel Chess” is like nothing else! The game this time was very emotionally intense. Rita is a very experienced master, she helped the participants cope with a storm of emotions about Karma and the manifestation of Love.

Trapnauskaite Rita (t. +7 9185533452) https://www.instagram.com/rita.trapnauskaite/
https://www.facebook.com/oridko   https://vk.com/id30337635

Certifying master of the games “Lila Chakra”, “Code of Kryon”, “Angel Chess” Oksana Ostapova conducted
at the festival the game “Field of Changes” (a simplified version of the game “Lila Chakra”).

Thanks to children and parents!

Ostapova Oksana (t. +7-928-144-44-77) https://vk.com/oksana_ostapova  https://www.facebook.com/oksana.ostapova

The festival was wonderfully organized and took place in a wonderful location!

It was cool, exciting, magical!

Special thanks to the organizer Svetlana Nagdalyan!Нагдалян!