Kryon Code in Kiev

This year I did the incredible transformation game Kryon Code at the “Letuchiy Korabl” Festival of Transformation Games.

⠀ This is a magical tool for self-discovery, defining your goals, identifying resources and opportunities!

As they say, not only karma is created by thoughts, but life is also built from our thoughts! Time flew by quickly. The guys and I first formed our requests – goals that they wanted to achieve in real life. In the course of the game, they managed not only to identify their most outdated behavioral strategies, but also to adjust the goals. The guys also learned to listen to their inner state, to catch feelings and enjoy the process.

From my personal observations, I noticed as soon as people relaxed and just let things happen, the game went great. As soon as they began to strain, that they could not reach the goal as quickly as they would like the roller coaster with transitions through the cells began, the “swing” immediately began. They were thrown back to the very beginning of the game. Everything is just like in life!

Some of the participants managed to realize their first goal and they proceed to the second. I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart thank all the participants in the Kryon Code game, who were not afraid to open up and acknowledge those moments that make it impossible to move towards the goal. There was an understanding of how to achieve the set goals: to be in the present moment slowly, thoughtfully, without haste. And as I said: “The game will play with you for another month! Listen to your subconscious and read clues from your Supreme Self.”

I thank Evgeny Kitanin for the fact that now every person has the opportunity to gently relive their unprocessed moments in life on the playing field, because all the ups and downs are a projection of life situations. It was informative, interesting and exciting! I am sorry that not everyone was able to play this game due to lack of space, but I am sure that we will meet again and will definitely play.

Here in the photo I am together with Romasheva Victoria, the organizer of the festival.

After learning the Kryon Code game, I had a desire to learn the Leela Chakra game, as it is also a unique tool and amazingly works with our subconscious. But I haven’t played it before. I was limited only to reviews about this game. My teacher Victoria Romashova conducted this game at the “Letuchiy Korabl” Festival. I took the opportunity to play it. And now I have a burning desire to learn this game as well, because the emotions and feelings with after this game simply cannot be expressed in words! I am sure that if you really want something, then the whole Universe will contribute to your desire to come true! I dream about the game “Lila Chakra”! ❤️

I am waiting for you at my GAMES!

Certified master of the game “Lila Chakra”
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