Lila Chakra in Kiev

Good day, dear friends !!!

This Saturday, the Festival of Transformation Games “Letuchiy Korabl” was held in Kiev, where the games “CODE KRYON” and “LILA CHAKRA” were presented

I still really love the game “Kryon Code” but it was “Lila Chakra” that I represented at this festival! Because it is very pleasant when your students play the game with high quality and interesting. When a student surpasses his teacher, it is always doubly pleasant! For me “Leela Chakra” is a game that is both very easy and very informative, it is not surprising that very often this game becomes the first transformational game that clients learn.

It was very pleasant that out of 12 people players (with a table limit of up to 8 – everyone wanted to play exactly in Lila Chakra and actively brought chairs from neighboring tables). There were three masters of other games, from parallel lines. For me this is always an indicator, this means that the game is really interesting, because after playing games for many years and teaching how to play games, you start to value your time and choose cool games.

In general, as always, the game “Lila Chakra” did not leave anyone indifferent, everyone got their own insight and their own vector of movement, many reached the goal, someone remained on the fulfillment of desires and earthly joys. Some goals were edited and, accordingly, the game immediately “released” to the upper level!

One thing I can say for sure – I have not met any analogues to the games “Kryon Code” and “Lila Chakra”, they cannot be deceived – they in an unthinkable way feel exactly the state of a person, inner agreement or disagreement with the flow of events. When a person is sincerely ready to step to a new level, it takes off quickly and easily and if you need work on errors, it will be returned to the beginning again and again!

I would like to thank the author of these wonderful games, Evgeny Kitanin, for creating masterpieces that have been pleasing game technicians for a decade as a cool and effective tool and helping hundreds and thousands of people look at the problem from different angles and solve their requests quickly, efficiently and efficiently!

Therefore, if you are still thinking whether you want to become the host of the games “Leela Chakra” and “Kryon Code” – I definitely advise you to learn and conduct the games! This is an incomparable feeling – when you can help people, when what you do is important and necessary! And it is also really helping people! It really inspires!

The Certifying Master of the Lila Chakra and Code of Kryon Games

Romashova Victoria (tel. +38 067 967 23 44)
Kiev City