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64 faces of Lila Chakra at the festival of transformational games Million faces of oneself (Kazan, November 2019)

Each player’s heart has become filled with understanding and awareness of important aspects of their lives. Leela Chakra gave each participant a sense of confidence in the future. There has been more beauty and love in everyone’s life after the game! So, I’m very happy …


3rd festival of transformational games. Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, September 21, 2019


Three certified masters conducted the Lila Chakra game. There were a lot of emotions from insights received from the game! The participants saw and lived on the playing field of the event, through which they have to go through in real life. Players begin to understand the previously incomprehensible. They begin deeply aware of their lives and their life goals … The game always works!

The Crimean journey of Lila Chakra and
Code Kryon.  Kerch, April 2019.

Game Master Oksana Gordeeva: “Two games of self-knowledge went with me to the festival “Your Cosmos”. We crossed the Kerch Strait over the Bridge and found ourselves on the famous peninsula. We spent two days in the festival space surrounded by interesting people and most useful games and master classes”. 

The effect of the game Lila Chakra on the functional state of the human body

Scientific study of the game Lila Chakra

Here are the results of an experimental scientific study of the influence of the Lila Chakra game on various functional systems of the human body conducted under the leadership of the head Department of “Biomedical subjects”, candidate of medical sciences, academician, professor Mogilev Valery Evgenievich.


Festival ‘IgroMarathon’ St. Petersburg, March 2019 

The festival took place on March 23-24 in St. Petersburg. There was a very warm friendly atmosphere. A record number of games “Lila Chakra” and “Kryon Code” was held at the same festival! Namely, five certified masters played the Lila Chakra games and two – the Kryon Code games. Emotions are such that even the poem was born …

The second festival of transformational, psychological and business games Gaura-Jai (Golden victory). March 30, 2019. Bashkortostan, Sterlitamak. 

No free places at the gaming tables! Happy players and equally happy game masters))). Two Leela Chakra games and one Kryon Code game took place here. A lot of positive, joy, awareness, impressions.

Lila Chakra on the large field.

 April 7, 2018, in the city of Samara in Russia in the center of the psychological development of DAR, the game “Lila Chakra” took place on the large field. Once again, I was convinced that the game LILA CHAKRA is a great tool for interacting with the subconscious and for solving the most important life tasks.