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Kryon Code in Kiev

This year I did the incredible transformation game Kryon Code at the “Letuchiy Korabl” Festival of Transformation Games.

⠀ This is a magical tool for self-discovery, defining your goals, identifying resources and opportunities!

As they say, not only karma is created by thoughts, but life is also built from our thoughts! Time flew by quickly. The guys and I first formed our requests – goals that they wanted to achieve in real life. In the course of the game, they managed not only to identify their most outdated behavioral strategies, but also to adjust the goals. The guys also learned to listen to their inner state, to catch feelings and enjoy the process.

From my personal observations, I noticed as soon as people relaxed and just let things happen, the game went great. As soon as they began to strain, that they could not reach the goal as quickly as they would like the roller coaster with transitions through the cells began, the “swing” immediately began. They were thrown back to the very beginning of the game. Everything is just like in life!

Some of the participants managed to realize their first goal and they proceed to the second. I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart thank all the participants in the Kryon Code game, who were not afraid to open up and acknowledge those moments that make it impossible to move towards the goal. There was an understanding of how to achieve the set goals: to be in the present moment slowly, thoughtfully, without haste. And as I said: “The game will play with you for another month! Listen to your subconscious and read clues from your Supreme Self.”

I thank Evgeny Kitanin for the fact that now every person has the opportunity to gently relive their unprocessed moments in life on the playing field, because all the ups and downs are a projection of life situations. It was informative, interesting and exciting! I am sorry that not everyone was able to play this game due to lack of space, but I am sure that we will meet again and will definitely play.

Here in the photo I am together with Romasheva Victoria, the organizer of the festival.

After learning the Kryon Code game, I had a desire to learn the Leela Chakra game, as it is also a unique tool and amazingly works with our subconscious. But I haven’t played it before. I was limited only to reviews about this game. My teacher Victoria Romashova conducted this game at the “Letuchiy Korabl” Festival. I took the opportunity to play it. And now I have a burning desire to learn this game as well, because the emotions and feelings with after this game simply cannot be expressed in words! I am sure that if you really want something, then the whole Universe will contribute to your desire to come true! I dream about the game “Lila Chakra”! ❤️

I am waiting for you at my GAMES!

Certified master of the game “Lila Chakra”
Gritsuk Tatiana (tel. +38 096 967 88 76)

Lila Chakra at the festival Kazan, November 2019

Despite the November dullness, slush and cold, it was cozy and warm in the T-Games festival in Kazan. Gathered a lot of people who are aware of the importance of personal transformations. And in this context, the festival was called as well as possible “A million faces of oneself”.

The “Lila chakra” game took place at the very beginning of the festival.

Those who wanted to play the legendary game quickly filled empty chairs at the table.


Lila Chakra is like a diamond reflected in the eyes of players in way of various shades of their feelings and emotions. An amazing alchemical process takes place even during the demo version.

Each player’s heart has become filled with understanding and awareness of important aspects of their lives. Leela Chakra gave each participant a sense of confidence in the future. There has been more beauty and love in everyone’s life after the game! So, I’m very happy …  My small but important role as a conductor of the game was again played.

My ministry is accepted.
“No one will remain the same.”

3rd festival of transformational games. Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, September 21, 2019

3rd festival of transformational
games “Gaura Jai”

Liliya Musina. I played the game Leela Chakra.
The game turned out to be very interesting, three players realized their goals.

This is my third time playing the Lila Chakra game at the Transformational Games Festival in Sterlitamak. Each time everything is different.

I myself am able to realize and to experience a lot of emotions. The master also has a big transformation during the game!

Why do I love Lila Chakra?
This is versatility: players with very different requests often sit down at the table and in most cases they find answers.
This is an opportunity to see your life and yourself from the outside.
This is an opportunity to go the other way and even break stereotypes.
This is often a therapeutic effect.

We are all a little children, we all love to play. Serious requests are solved here, but everything is very easy.


Liliya Musina certified master of
the game “Lila Chakra” 


Julia Glushkova. On the street, autumn and heavy rains. We have another third festival of transformation games “Gaura Jai”. It is fun and warm from the attentive organizers and sincere smiles of the festival guests.

Again, my favorite game “Lila Chakra” surprised us, from the first move! There are three players at the table. Еach, having formulated his aim, rolls his die … And everyone gets to the “Conflict” field. As it turned out, the game knows everything about us better than we ourselves)))) After a short conversation, we came to the conclusion that, in fact, each of us is currently in conflict. Who is at work, who is at home, who is with herself. We play further, surprised by this striking example of synchronism. Each player, following his own unique path, enters the fields: “Service”, “Sacrifice”, “Depression”.  Someone not once, someone starting the game anew, but each learns and realizes for himself very important points regarding interaction with other players, since these fields imply collective interaction. Here, the deep features of each conflict are very clearly revealed. It was also very interesting for me to interact with the players. Trying each situation on myself, I found answers to my requests. “Lila Chakra” not in vain brought us together to one table…

The game always works! “Lila Chakra” in an amazing way will show and reveal to you all the corners of your hidden extraordinary soul))))
With Love, Julia Glushkova is your master of the transformation game “Lila Chakra”


Evgenia Maximova. Hello my dear girls and boys! At the Gaura Jai festival of transformational games in Sterlitamak, I was lucky to present the Lila Chakra game! This game is magical and very fruitful!

By the last minutes of the game, all participants synchronously reached wonderful fields: 26 “Fulfillment of desires” and 35 “Progress”, despite the fact that the aim of the participants were fundamentally different: from interpersonal relationships to business!

The emotions from insights received in the game can not be described in words! Participants lived on the playing field what they had to go through in real life. This will help them find the path to “Progress” and “Fulfillment of desires” in their life. They will definitely do it! “How?” – you ask. And we will answer you: “Because the following was implemented in the game:
1) clear goal setting,
2) target visualization,
3) deep awareness of the ways to achieve the goal,
4) analysis of their own behavior, thoughts and feelings,
5) assuming responsibility for achieving the goal”.
Projective techniques in a game format work wonders!

Evgenia Maksimova certified master of the game “Lila Chakra”

Be happy!

Scientific study of the game Lila Chakra

The effect of the game Lila Chakra on the functional state of the human body

Here are the results of an experimental scientific study of the influence of the Lila Chakra game on various functional systems of the human body conducted under the leadership of the head Department of “Biomedical subjects”, candidate of medical sciences, academician, professor Mogilev Valery Evgenievich.

The experiment was conducted in the laboratory “Monitoring of the physical condition of a person” of the Far Eastern State Academy of Physical Culture with the help of “Omega-S” and GDV devices  BEFORE and AFTER the game with a control check after 21 days.

The results of an experimental scientific study of the influence of the Lila Chakra game on various functional systems of the human body are presented on 7 pages  of the text, which includes the goal, task, hypothesis of work, a description of the methodology and the experiment itself.

The problem is quite relevant. It should also be noted the practical significance of the material and the originality of the experiment for solving many medical problems.

Scientific study of the influence of the game Lila ChakraIt is shown that the 2-hour game of Lila Chakra causes certain shifts in the human body.


After the game, indicators of the functional state of the body improved. The biological age and tension index decreased, and the level of health and psycho-emotional state increased in most players. The level of psychoemotional state increased, and the tension index decreased in 4 people (there were 5 participants in total). According to the results of the survey, the level of adaptation of the body to physical activity increased for 3 people. An interesting fact is the increase in energy supply and body reserves under the influence of a 2-hour game for 4 participants.

Scientific study of the influence of the game Lila Chakra

After 21 days, during the follow-up examination, an increase in the area of the aura, improvement of the nervous system, and the preservation of harmony for all the chakras for all people, the preservation of a reduced stress background compared with the state before the game were revealed. In 4 people, indicators of the cardiovascular system improved, as well as increased energy potential in 3 (GDV study). For other indicators, mixed changes were recorded.

It should be noted that in connection with a small group of people, the reliability of differences has not been established. Therefore, further research in this area with a fairly large group is recommended.


The Crimean journey of Lila Chakra and Code Kryon

7 people played Code Kryon game on the first day of the festival.

There were laughter and tears, and surprise, and even some misunderstanding. But the game gave the participants important revelations and insights. One player in the final had a magical materialization of the “three-headed dragon”.

On the second day, Lila Chakra met 9 participants at her table (the rest simply did not fit at the table).

For every person, Lila went her own way. Everybody took as much as they could for themselves.
Everyone manifested in the game as in life. And everybody was able to look at himself.
It is a great honor for me to be a guide to the world of transformational games.
I am happy that I have the skill of playing the great games of the author Evgeny V. Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).
I thank the owner of the festival for the invitation.
Thanks to everyone who trusted and came to my table as a player.
Special thanks to those participants who left feedback.
Play esoteric chess and you will be healthy, youth, and success!

Festival Gaura-Jai

The second festival of transformational, psychological and business games Gaura-Jai (Golden victory). March 30, 2019. Bashkortostan, Sterlitamak.

No free places at the gaming tables! Happy players and equally happy game masters))). Two Leela Chakra games and one Kryon Code game took place here. A lot of positive, joy, awareness, impressions. The festival was very powerful! In the games, not only the players but also the game masters had incredible insights and awareness!

The organizer of the Gaura-Jai festival Oksana Gordeeva, certification master of the Lila Chakra and Kryon Code played Kryon Code game.

Game Kryon Code in Sterlitamak. There were more people than places at the table. Very powerful transformation! Insights followed each other, opening up new opportunities and solutions for players. The dynamics of the group helped each participant to break their stereotypes and expand the boundaries of the possible!

Oksana Gordeeva: “When I see a response in the eyes of players and a keen interest in Cod Kryon magic, I have a lot of feelings and emotions! And together we have the real transformation dance on the field of Esoteric Chess.”
Thanks to the participants. I wish you the fulfillment of your desires, happiness, and love!

Certified master of the game Yulia Glushkova played the “Lila Chakra” at the festival “Gaura-Jai.”

“For me personally, Lila-Chakra showed itself from an incredible side, I saw so much new and realized it for myself. Surprisingly, it’s not you play in this game, but Lila Chakra plays with you, as the person with whom you can build relationships))).
Many thanks to the organizer Oksana Gordeeva for the opportunity to communicate and meet interesting people, for the opportunity to learn and learn from the game experience. Many thanks to E. V. Kitanin for the amazing games “Lila-Chakra” and “Kryon Code”. Each time the games discover new facets and incredible possibilities for us. ”

Certified master of the game Lilia Musina played another game “Lila Chakra” at the festival.

“The festival is a beautiful, emotional, enjoyable event!
I was there with the t-game Leela Chakra.
For me, this game is work with beliefs, and breaking stereotypes!
For me, this is about how to go the other way!
This is a game about me and where I am in this world!
And I also noticed that the festival has special energy – on that day I get a lot of awareness about myself… ”

Mozart, or the serene lightness of being

2015, June 28, 7 pm, Petersburg. 2015, June 28, 7 pm, Petersburg. The best result in my practice is a five-move win.

Played a woman “over thirty.” She loves this game. She has experienced many different, acute, complex states. We can say that she is a “professional player”. She organically entered the space of the Lila of the chakra, “believing” in the opportunity to discover new ideas about “herself”.

However, a week ago she came to the game completely uncollected, “disheveled” and Lila Chakra twice carried she out …

And here is a new meeting. More than two hours have passed since the start, but she just enters and leaves the room, never sitting at the table. Finally decided …

And here is the first roll: the troika – Worthlessness.

This is a “bad” start, for, the second throw can take a player out of the playing field. It happens quite often. And today one of the players has already left the game in this way, making only one move. Before the second throw – tension and anxiety … The presenter has the same emotion…

Retreat 1.

Everything that is said or written in the space of Lila has nothing to do with what people call a person, a skin-covered Ego.

Lila chakra “only” proclaims the opportunity to realize himself in a different way, to go beyond the usual life scenarios.

Lila chakra gives us the opportunity to put on a new one from her magical wardrobe. This outfit has never been worn.

Lila gives us a chance to look at herself in her “truth” mirror, to finally see “true” oneself.

This is just a game, a game of the possible …

But there are no boundaries between Life and the Game.

And what is possible in the Game is possible in Life …

“Fate” made its move … Turn by Player…


Usually, you have to look at the graph for a long time, look at the names of the fields, remember the player’s behavior, the atmosphere of the game … read the comments noted by the player … and slowly the image appears, and then the Name.

The name of the game and the name of the player.

But not at this time. Looking at this fleeting game, how she played, won and behaved afterward, Mozart sounded in her…

Lila gave her the experience of the serene lightness of being …
The game gave her the name – Mozart.

I asked her: “What do you feel now, immediately after winning, which you got so easily?”

“It is anxiety,” she said, “anxiety from the fact that EVERYTHING is possible!”


The main thing is that the world will never be for her it was before this game. These ten minutes gave her a hitherto unknown feeling that from now on in her life there could be moments when Everything is Possible.


Lev Haytin
Certifying Master Lila Chakra from St. Petersburg, Russia.



LILA CHAKRA and a ten year old boy

“Yesterday I first played with a boy of 10 years.
He came with a soft rabbit.
Rabbit all game sat on the table.
The name of the rabbit, Linda.
The boy gave this name. He could not explain the choice.

He has already formed a picture of the world.
Traditional family values…
Help your neighbor… Life in the name of the other…
The Boy has no father. The mother dominates undividedly.
He looks at his mother when he meets any difficulty.

It was a pleasure to play with him.
He was ready to “surrender” any position that was absolutely right for him, in the name of penetrating into other worlds.
It was not about changing something unnecessary for the same unnecessary. He was open to new sounds, new world melodies! He parted with his own past without any regrets …

Such a pure, direct, intuitive – sincere acceptance of another …
The master of the game spoke to him as an equal, without any discounts on “childhood” …
LILA CHAKRA totally rejects authority.

An interesting conflict occurred with the card – jealousy.
Card disappeared from the table. We have been looking for it for a long time and have not found it.
And, suddenly, it turned out that Linda was hiding her. Rabbit hid her under her tail right in the center of the table.
Linda, as she could, intervened in our conversation about jealousy and love.

Lev Haytin
Certifying Master Lila Chakra from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Festival IgroMarathon St. Petersburg

The festival is a great, joyful and spiritual event!

Certified and certified masters conducted the Lila-Chakra and the Kryon Code games:
Vasily Yalovega: Lila-Chakra
Olga Hon: Kryon Code
Litvinova Katerina: Lila-Chakra
Kozhevnikova Julia: Lila-Chakra
Gaponenko Evgenia: Lila-Chakra, Kryon Code
Orlova Nadezhda: Lila-Chakra

Litvinova Katerina: Lila Chakra

The game was held under the motto “Think over a detailed plan for the realization of your goal together with the game Lila-Chakra!

That’s probably why there were only men in this game!
What was on our game:
1.Detailed business plan;
2. List of specific actions that will help implement the business;
3. List of warnings that may interfere with the implementation of the plan.

This game was the most logical, clear and constructive of all the games that I ever play! Therefore, if you have a business idea, but you do not know how to implement it, refer to the game Lila-Chakra!

Wonderful accomplishments and more confidence for you! Where will your subconscious lead? Who knows…
Olga Hon: Kryon Code.

8 people played the game. During most part of the game, the participants said that they did not understand anything.
But by the end of the game, nobody had any questions. Everyone realized something and had very important insight. One of the participants even reached their goal.

Kozhevnikova (Vorotilina) Yulia: Leela Chakra

Julia was so inspired by the performance that she composed a poem about the last game (for the first time in her life).


Gaponenko (Ageeva) Evgenia: Lila Chakra, Kryon Code.

Orlova Nadezhda: Lila-Chakra
I thank the organizers for the wonderful event. I was at the IgroMarathon for the first time, both as a player and as a master of the game Lila Chakra. The environment was friendly, the people who came to the game were determined to work, to work internally, so the game was easy and pleasant. Thank!

Vasily Yalovega (organizer of the festival) played the game Lila Chakra.

Be happy in life and in wonderful games in St. Petersburg!


Lila Chakra on the large field

All the answers are in us! And only the person himself can give the most correct answer to the question that has arisen. The game is a tool that helps build a link between the conscious and subconscious.
A lot of insights were here!

For one of the players, it turned out to be very important to preserve their borders, their personal territory. Respecting oneself, preserving one’s integrity, one can gain respect from others. Tears and laughter, disappointment and joy were in this game.

Many discoveries and realizations!
The result of the game is wonderful: the fields Fulfillment of desires, Progress, Breakthrough became a wonderful completion of the game!

Lukina Tatiana – organizer of the Festival “Mind Games”
(тел. +7-927-695-75-85)